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Inflatable Character Replicas & Mascots

Immortalize your tv, promotional, or other characters in the form of a giant inflatable replica!  Inflatable characters and mascots are perfect for building brand awareness or promoting a new product!  Inflatable Design Group has created inflatable replicas for movie and tv premieres, store sales events, sports teams, and more!

IDG is known for creating inflatable characters and mascots that are high-quality, long-lasting, and accurate replicas.  From giant entertainment corporations to small family-owned local businesses, we have worked with companies of all sizes to bring their characters or mascots to life in the form of custom inflatables.

From the Screen to Reality with Inflatable Characters

Take your character from the screen to reality with giant custom character inflatable replicas.  Fans will love taking pictures with a giant inflatable character replica from their favorite tv show or movie.  IDG has worked with companies such as Epic Games, Lionsgate, Disney, and Adult Swim to bring their characters to life in the form of giant inflatable replicas.

Use your inflatable characters at movie premieres, tv show release events, festivals, pop-up events, and more!

Check out more of our entertainment inflatables here.

Bring Your Mascot to Life

Work with IDG to bring your company mascot to life!  We can turn any mascot or character into a highly detailed, long-lasting inflatable!  Whether your mascot is a dog, pirate, gummy bear, or anything else you can imagine we can turn it into a promotional inflatable for your company or event!

Stand out at premieres, festivals, and other events with a giant custom inflatable character or mascot.  Inflatable characters are an affordable visual marketing tool that is guaranteed to build brand awareness and draw in crowds.  Plus, they are easy to set up, take down, and transport!

From 5 feet to 50 feet tall, IDG can do it all!  Our creative team can make your character or mascot come to life in any shape or size.  Contact us today to get started on your inflatable characters or mascot replica!

We also make giant inflatable logos!  Check out some examples here.

Get in touch with us at to inflate your vision!