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Comic-Con Inflatables

From a giant inflatable Snoopy House to a 25-foot-tall inflatable replica of Ozzy Osbourne, IDG has worked with various companies over the years to create custom inflatables for Comic-Con. Custom Comic-Con inflatables are a great way to ensure that your brand stands out over the hundreds of other convention exhibitors.

Watch Shawn McEachern, the president of Inflatable Design Group, discuss Comic Con Inflatables and all the work and design that goes on behind the scenes on SDConCost’s YouTube.

IDG’s custom Comic-Con inflatables range in size from a small inflatable booth decoration for Hasbro to a giant custom inflatable floating activation for Adult Swim.  No matter the size of the Comic-Con inflatable, it is sure to get your brand noticed and remembered!

Comic-Con Inflatable Booth Decorations

IDG has worked with many companies including Hasbro and BeKyoot to create custom inflatable character replicas that have been used as decorations at their Comic-Con booths.  Hasbro displayed their inflatable on top of their booth while BeKyoot displayed their inflatable character replica by their booth.  Both were great ways to not only stand out from the hundreds of other convention exhibitors, but they also give attendees a fun and unique photo-opportunity.

Comic-Con Inflatable Interactive Activations

IDG has also worked with brands such as Adult Swim and The Peanuts brand to create custom Comic-Con inflatable interactive activations.  These inflatable interactive activations are a great way to give event attendees an experience to remember.

IDG created a giant inflatable replica of Snoopy’s house to help promote The Peanuts Movie at Comic-Con.  People lined up and waited hours to enter this custom Comic-Con inflatable interactive activation.  The inflatable activation was giant and served as a great way to ensure everybody knew about the upcoming premiere of The Peanuts Movie.

Comic-Con Inflatable Character Replicas

Comic-Con inflatable character replicas are a hit at Comic-Con every year.  They are a great way to let fans interact and take pictures with their favorite characters.  They also help promote new shows or new seasons of current shows.

Custom inflatable character replicas IDG has made for Comic-Con include:

  • a giant inflatable activation of The Regular Show characters Mordecai and Rigby on top of a building
  • a 25-foot custom inflatable replica of Ozzy Osbourne
  • a giant floating inflatable activation of the title characters from the Adult Swim show Tuca & Bertie

All these custom inflatable character replicas were displayed outside of Comic-Con so that even people not attending the actual convention could see the giant custom inflatable character replicas.

Of course, the above-mentioned inflatables are not the only Comic-Con inflatables IDG has created over the years.  Being from sunny San Diego, IDG especially loves creating custom Comic-Con inflatables as we love being able to be apart of the project from start

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