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Custom Inflatable Entryways

From a giant inflatable entryway of a well-known rapper’s head to a team mascot inflatable tunnel, Inflatable Design Group is known for their custom inflatable entryways.

Custom inflatable entryways are a fun and exciting way to welcome eventgoers to any event or sports game. Work with IDG’s innovative team to create the perfect custom inflatable entryway for your next event.

All inflatables designed and manufactured by IDG are made with the highest-quality materials so that your custom inflatable can be used for years! IDG has worked with NFL teams, middle schools, nonprofit organizations, entertainment companies, and more to create custom inflatable entryways for a plethora of events such as football games, private parties, marathons, festivals, and more!

Promote Products with Custom Inflatable Entryways

Custom inflatable entryways can also be used to promote products. Work with IDG’s team to create a custom inflatable entryway that looks like your product or an inflatable entryway that advertises your company. Utilize your custom inflatable entryway at your product launch, grand opening, festival, or other event!

100% Custom

When you work with IDG, anything is possible! Our creative team can turn any shape into an amazing, inflatable entryway that can be used for years. Our team uses state-of-the-art 3D software to bring any vision to life. All our custom inflatables are made with the highest-quality materials available in the industry so that your custom inflatable will last for years and be used again and again.

We have worked with countless sports teams, universities, and high schools to create amazing custom mascot inflatable entranceways.  Check out our collection of mascot inflatable entryways here.

Custom inflatable entryways are IDG’s specialty.  We have worked with musicians, artists, and entertainment companies to create amazing, highly detailed inflatable entryways.  We have also made inflatable entryways for nonprofit organizations, professional sports teams, elementary schools, and more.

As mentioned before, IDG can make your inflatable entryway to be any size, any shape, and any color!  Our team has created custom inflatable entryways in the shape of a giant class ring, a scary clown, a team mascot, and even a giant inflatable baby head entryway for a celebrity party.

Ready to get started on your own custom inflatable entryway?  Contact our team at to start designing your custom inflatable.