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Educational Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group’s educational inflatables are an engaging and creative educational experience. These larger-than-life educational inflatables are interactive and give students a hands-on learning experience. Inflatable educational exhibits can be impactful and educational for people of all ages!

Like all IDG’s inflatables, educational inflatables are 100% customizable. IDG’s team can take virtually anything and turn it into a custom educational inflatable in any size, shape, and detail.

Educational Inflatables In the Medical Field

Educational inflatables in the medical field allow students to field trip through the human body, creating an interactive and exciting educational experience. Larger-than-life inflatable organs, muscles, and other parts of the human body can help educate students on the functions and details of each organ.

Not only are educational inflatables in the medical field a beautiful visual display, but they can also be completely interactive! Walking through a giant inflatable replica of a brain or colon provides a whole new perspective on the human body. Participants get a 360-degree experience with educational medical inflatables, allowing them to learn in a new way.

These inflatable organs bring awareness and attention to how our bodies work and potentially life-threatening diseases. For example, our interactive inflatable colon replica serves as an educational display about colorectal cancer, the second leading cancer killer in the US. The custom inflatable display reminds people how important screenings are in finding cancer and what colorectal cancer does to the body.

Other interactive educational inflatables IDG has created include inflatable breasts for breast cancer awareness, a knee inflatable replica to educate on the most complex joint in the body, and even a giant inflatable brain teaching fascinating facts about our most complex organ.

Animal Educational Inflatables

Educational inflatables are also a great way to educate people about different animal species. Whether the animal is extinct, endangered, or living, inflatables are a great way to allow students to learn about various species in a unique way.

IDG worked with the Canadian charity, Elephant Thoughts, to create educational inflatables of 5 endangered species: a polar bear, salmon, duck, snail, and turtle. These larger-than-life educational inflatable animal replicas were made with removable inflatable organs. Participants could enter the educational inflatable and assemble the animal’s organs while learning about the inner workings of each animal.

IDG has also created educational inflatable animals for museums around the nation, including a 48-foot-long whale inflatable. Like the other animal inflatables, participants could enter the whale inflatable and view the animal’s inner cavity. Inside participants learned about the whale’s skeleton structure and organs.

Educate in a Fun Way

Educational inflatables are a fun, interactive way to educate students. Many of our educational inflatables have been used at tradeshows, museums, and events. Inflatable Design Group can turn just about anything into a custom educational inflatable. Contact our team at to get started on your custom inflatable.