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Inflatable Cars, Trucks, & Automotive Accessory Replicas

Cars and trucks are heavy and can be hard to transport. That is why the car industry is one of IDG’s biggest clients for inflatable product replicas.

A giant inflatable tire can help advertise your sale or a giant inflatable replica of your newest model can be displayed on top of your dealership.  Either way, people will see your custom inflatable car replica from far away!

Inflatable Cars, Trucks, and Automobile Replicas

As mentioned before, automobiles are heavy and can be hard to transport.  Work with IDG to accurately replicate your automobile into a highly detailed custom inflatable.  Inflatables are easy to take with you to various events, such as industry trade shows, and they are also easy to display in creative and eye-catching ways at your dealership!

IDG’s inflatable automobiles can be sized anywhere from mini to life-sized to larger-than-life!  Our team can even create highly accurate and detailed inflatable race cars.  These inflatable product replicas are incredibly accurate, down to the specific sponsor logos and stickers on the race cars.

Custom inflatable race car replicas provide NASCAR fans with the perfect photo opportunity.  They also allow fans to have a personal experience with their favorite race car or driver.  IDG can perfectly replicate any race car into a highly detailed custom inflatable race car.

Give your eventgoers and fans another unique photo opportunity with a giant inflatable trophy replica.  IDG has created many custom inflatables for the Monster Jam event including custom inflatable trophy replicas, inflatable monster truck replicas, custom inflatable arches, and more!

Inflatable Automotive Accessory Replicas

Stand out at your next industry trade show or another event with giant custom inflatable replicas of your automotive accessories.  Or let people know you are open for business with a giant inflatable tire outside your auto shop!

Custom inflatable replicas in any size are a great way to grab the attention of people at tradeshows or those driving by.  We have even worked with a tire company to create a custom inflatable interactive football toss game designed to look like a stack of tires!

IDG’s talented team uses only the highest-quality materials to turn your inflatable cars and automotive accessories into highly detailed custom inflatable replicas.  With proper care and cleaning, your custom inflatable automotive replica can last up to 10 years!

Custom inflatables of any type are very easy to set up, take down, and transport.  They can be inflatable just about anywhere and are a great way to increase the visibility of your event booth, auto shop, and more!

Ready to get started on your custom inflatable car and automotive accessory replicas? Contact our team at for a free quote!