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Custom Inflatable Experiences

A great way to build a connection with your eventgoers and consumers is by giving them an experience they will remember. Work with IDG to craft the perfect custom inflatable experience that will leave an impression on your consumers.

When you work with IDG’s team, anything is possible!  We are extremely lucky to have assembled the best craftsmen in the industry with most of them having over 30 years of experience in the inflatable manufacturing industry.

Our creative team can help bring any vision to life in the form of a highly-detailed custom inflatable creation.  This is why businesses, from small family-owned companies to giant worldwide corporations, trust Inflatable Design Group with all of their custom inflatable manufacturing needs.

Giant Inflatable Haunted Houses

One of our favorite inflatable experiences we have worked on in the past are our giant inflatable haunted houses.  We have made multiple of these, some that look like a sleeping giant and some that look like a giant monster.  Both are very large units made up of multiple sections.  People will enter them, weave around the inflatable walls, and try their best at finding their way out.

To read more about inflatable haunted houses click here

Giant Inflatable Skillet

Another one of our favorite inflatable experiences we have designed is a giant inflatable skillet.  This inflatable skillet was custom created for the brunch festival Bacon & Eggs.  The giant custom inflatable was used as a unique photo opportunity and is used at the festival, which is held in three cities around the country, every year.  After taking a photo in the inflatable skillet, eventgoers get a free print out of their pictures which many then share to social media.  This is a great way to increase awareness and curiosity of the event and let people who may have missed out this year to keep an eye out for the event next year.

Whether you are looking for a giant inflatable haunted house shaped like a sleeping giant or an inflatable skillet for an event photo opportunity, IDG can make it happen!  Email our team at or give us a call at 619-596-6100 to connect with a sales representative and receive a free quote!