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Inflatable Façades

The French word façade means the front or face of a building.  Inflatable façades are a great way to give eventgoers the illusion that they have been transported into a different world or atmosphere.  They can also be used to give any building or tent personality and make them look exactly how you want so that they fit into your event aesthetic.  Work with Inflatable Design Group’s team to create your own inflatable façade for your next event.

Façades are a great way to conceal the building or tent at which you are hosting your event and give the illusion of a completely different structure.  They can be used to fully immersive your event goers into a different world, adding to your event’s atmosphere or story.

Whether you are hosting a music festival, haunted house, filming a movie, or more, custom inflatable façades are a great way add personality to any building.  Inflatable façades allow you to transform any building into the structure of your dreams.  Plus, since they are inflatable, they are extremely easy to set up, take down, and transport to your next event.

Custom inflatable façades can be used as a stage prop during your next play, as the entrance to your merch booth at your next festival, as the portal to your next haunted house, and more!  The possibilities are truly endless when you work with Inflatable Design Group to customize and design your own inflatable façade.

IDG’s talented team can turn virtually any design into a highly detailed, high-quality custom inflatable.  Every one of IDG’s custom inflatable creations is double stitched carefully by our team of experiences sewers so that with proper care and cleaning it can last up to 10 years.  Our art department will then take over and hand paint or airbrush your custom inflatable creation so that it looks realistic.  The result?  A high-quality, highly detailed custom inflatable that will exceed your expectations!

Elevate your next event with a custom inflatable façade designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.  Inflatable façades are a great way to give any building or tent personality and make it match your event or atmosphere.  Plus, once your event is done you can easily pack up your façade and take it with you on the road to your next event!

Ready to get started on your inflatable façade or other custom inflatables?  Email our team at to get started!  Questions?  Check out our FAQ page.