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Inflatable Logos & Advertising Shapes

Custom inflatable logos and other advertising shapes can draw a huge crowd to your business and help increase your brand awareness!

Inflatable Design Group can transform your logo or company image into an inflatable creating a one-of-a-kind BIG MESSAGE that can be seen from far and near!  IDG can transform any logo or other advertising shape into a custom inflatable that will draw people to your business.

When you work with IDG, your inflatable logo is completely customizable!  Want an inflatable square with your logo digitally printed on it?  We can do that!  Want giant inflatable letters spelling out your company name or brand?  We can do that too!  IDG can make your inflatable any size and shape you want!  Plus, we can match any company colors so that your inflatable logo matches the rest of your company branding.

Get Creative with Customizable Inflatable Logos

Get creative when it comes to your custom inflatable logo or other advertising shapes.  Work with IDG to make both sides of your inflatable logo be different or even add a 3D shape to make your inflatable logo pop!

Be Seen from Afar with Custom Inflatable Advertising Shapes

Use your inflatable logos and advertising shapes for various events such as tradeshows, fairs, festivals, grand openings, school gathers, game days, and more!  The best thing is that IDG’s inflatable logos can be used again and again for multiple years!  With proper care and cleaning, you can reuse your inflatable logo block for over 8 years!  This makes custom inflatables manufactured by IDG a great return on investment!

Use your inflatable sign at your annual event or display it in front of your store when you have a sale.  Either way, it is sure to grab the attention of your customers and increase business!  Did you know we can also bring your mascot to life in the form of custom inflatables?  Check out some examples of our inflatable mascot replicas here.

From giant corporations to small family-owned businesses, our team has worked with companies of all sizes to bring their logo to life in the form of custom inflatables.  Contact our team today at to see how we can make your inflatable logo fit within your budget!