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Inflatable Movie Screens

Host movie nights all year long with custom inflatable movie screens!

The nostalgia for drive in movies is real. Host your own drive-in movie night with a custom inflatable movie screen designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group! Or host the ultimate game day party by bringing the game to the tailgate with a giant inflatable movie screen!

Inflatable movie screens allow you to bring the party anywhere! Invite people for a drive-in nostalgic experience or host a movie night at the park or even on the beach! Love watching sports? Use your inflatable screen to cheer on your favorite team or watch the big fight! Need to raise money? Use your inflatable movie screen to host a fun movie night!

Inflatable movie screens are portable and easy to set-up. Once your event is over, just turn off the blower and watch your inflatable movie screen deflate in a matter of seconds. Then roll it up and pack it into the provided bag!

Work with our team to customize your inflatable movie screen. We can match any colors and digitally print anything directly onto your custom inflatable! Want to use your inflatable movie screen at various events throughout the year? Ask about adding removable banners!

Removable banners are a great way to add versatility to any custom inflatable. They are easy to switch out for various events and are a great sponsorship opportunity for local companies.

Start customizing your inflatable movie screen today! Contact us to get a free quote!