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Music Industry Inflatables

Go platinum with custom music industry inflatables. Custom inflatables for the music industry can be used as stage sets, album covers, festival décor, and more!

IDG has created custom music industry inflatables for many artists and companies including:

Turn your Next Album or Tour into a Hit with Music Industry Inflatables

From album cover art to stage sets, custom music industry inflatables are a great way to show off your music label, album, concert, and more! They are great for interacting directly with your fans and increasing brand awareness while also providing a memorable experience.

Inflatable Stage Sets and Props

Inflatable stage props and stage sets are some of our favorite uses of custom music industry inflatables.

Many artists struggle with creating an impressive yet practical stage set when they go on tour. Since many artists travel during tour, sometimes even internationally, they need a stage set that is eye-catching while also being easy to set up and transport. That’s why custom inflatables are the perfect solution!

Since these stage sets are inflatable, they can easily be set up, stored, and transported! When deflated, inflatables weigh less than traditional materials making them easier and cheaper to transport around the country, or globe, during traveling concerts and festival tours.

Another great thing about inflatable stage sets is that they are easy to set up. This is perfect for artists who are performing at music festivals and may not have a lot of time between acts. Simply, roll out your custom inflatable stage set, inflate it in a few minutes, and go!

Inflatable Album Art

Another popular use of custom inflatables in the music industry is inflatable album art.

IDG worked with Foster the People to bring to life their Torches album art in the form of music industry inflatables. These custom inflatables were then used on the album tour. We have also designed custom inflatables that have become the center of album art. An example of this is Travis Scott’s iconic Astroworld album which is centered around a giant golden inflatable replica of the artist’s head.

Music Industry Inflatables for Music Festivals

IDG has also worked with various music festivals, such as Life in Color and The Forbidden Kingdom, to create custom inflatables for their stages. The Forbidden Kingdom music festival is centered around a mythical story about a dragon. IDG was able to bring this dragon to life in the form of a custom inflatable that was used as a prop on the festival’s main stage and then as a photo opportunity the following year! Lights and smoke were added to the inflatable dragon to give it a more realistic look, creating a truly one-of-a-kind custom inflatable. Additional special provisions can be added to custom inflatables to create not only an amazing inflatable but a great experience for guests as well. These include special timers that inflate and deflate your custom inflatable creating an impressive exit or entrance to the stage.

IDG is known for its show-stopping music industry inflatables. All our custom inflatables are used with the highest-quality materials available in the industry so that you can take them anywhere and use them again and again.

IDG can turn any design into an amazing custom inflatable for your next music industry event. Get started on your inflatable today by emailing our team at