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Inflatable Product Replicas

Build instant brand recognition and promote your new products with giant inflatable product replicas designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group!  IDG has created inflatable product replicas of cars, food, drinks, beauty care products, and so much more!

At IDG we pride ourselves on our built-up reputation of high quality, accurate custom inflatable product replicas.  Our team has over 30 years of experience in the inflatable industry and has worked with companies such as King’s Hawaiian, Coleman, and more to create highly detailed and extremely accurate inflatable product replicas.

Stand Out at Events with Giant Inflatable Product Replicas

Custom inflatable product replicas are perfect for product promotion.  Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable to be any size you want!  Use your inflatable product replica at your next trade show, festival, grand opening, and more to increase business and brand awareness!

Attending a trade show with hundreds of exhibitors and looking for a way to draw people to your booth?  Make sure your booth stands out with a giant custom inflatable product replica displayed by your booth and towers over the competition.  Or you can even display your custom inflatable above your booth to really grab attention!  People will be able to see your custom inflatable replica from far away and their curiosity will bring them to your booth.  Some may even stop to take a picture!

IDG can also create inflatable product replicas of trophies and jerseys.  We have created inflatable trophy replicas for the NFL, Monster Jam, Ironman, and more!  These provide eventgoers with fun photo opportunities that they can share on their social media accounts.

Where to Use Your Inflatable Product Replica

Other than the previously mentioned trade shows, there are plenty of places you can use your custom inflatable product replica!  Display your product replica outside of your business for your next grand opening, use it on the corner of the street to encourage people passing by to stop, and more!

Anywhere you display your inflatable replica is sure to draw attention to your brand!  And we don’t just replica products!  IDG has made custom inflatable replicas of everything you can imagine including:

Ready to get started on your custom inflatable product replica?  Contact our team now at!