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Inflatable Square Arches

Inflatable square block arches are a great way to welcome people to your event and can help increase brand awareness.

Inflatable Design Group’s custom inflatable square block arches are a great promotional tactic for your next big event. They are also a great return on investment as, with proper care and cleaning, inflatable arches can last up to 10 years and be used again and again.

Custom inflatable square block arches can be used at many events such as:

  • Sporting Events
  • Health Fairs
  • Community Carnivals
  • Marathons
  • Music Festivals
  • Tailgates
  • Promotional Events
  • And more!


Inflatable Square Block Arches are Easy to Use!

Tired of wrestling a heavy metal truss? Save time by investing in an inflatable arch designed and manufactured by IDG! Inflatable square block arches are extremely easy to use, and they inflate/deflate in a few minutes, allowing you to spend more time on your event. They also pack up into surprisingly small packages so that you can easily transport them to your next event or storage facility.

Inflatable square block arches are also 100% customizable! Work with IDG’s talented team to customize your arch to be any color, any size, and any dimensions. Plus, we can digitally print any design you would like directly onto your inflatable arch or onto removable banners that can easily be switched out for different events.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Inflatable Arches

Custom inflatable arches are also a great way to promote your brand! Work with IDG to design your custom inflatable square block arch to show off your logo, company colors, or even products. Use your custom inflatable arch at various events throughout the years to bring attention to your company and increase brand awareness.

IDG has created custom inflatable square block arches for companies of all sizes to be used at various events. Our team can help work with any budget and turn anything into an amazing custom inflatable arch.

Get started on your inflatable arch today by emailing us at