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Inflatable Stage Props

Inflatable stage props or inflatable sets are a great way to get a unique one-of-a-kind design that can be seen in front of a huge audience. Inflatable Design Group has created inflatable stage props and sets for various events including concert tours, ballets, music festivals, and more!

Inflatable stage props are a great way to creatively add to any concert or music festival. IDG’s custom inflatables are a perfect way to design a stage that is out of this world to surprise your fans and give them the experience of a lifetime. We can help you design the most amazing stage prop with excellent customizable detail for your next event.

Elevate your fan’s experience by adding a timer, smoke machine, or lights. Timers allow you to inflate or deflate your inflatable stage props at specific times during a performance. Smoke machines and lights add extra visual elements for your audience.

Pros of Inflatable Stage Props

During concert tours and music festivals, artists will often travel around the country, sometimes even the world! When deflated, inflatables are lighter than traditional materials used in stage props which makes them easier and cheaper to transport wherever your show may take you!

In addition to being easy to travel with, inflatable stage props are extremely fast and easy to set up. Multiple artists will perform each day at a music festival. Often these artists have a very short amount of time to set up the stage for their performance. Luckily, inflatable stage props inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes making them perfect for music festival performances.

From concert tours to music festivals to local ballet shows, IDG has worked with artists and companies of all sizes to create high-quality inflatable stage props. Our team can turn any concept into an amazing inflatable and is ready to work with any budget. Contact IDG today at to get started on your custom inflatables.