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Inflatable Tents & Pavilions

Custom inflatable tents and pavilions will help you stand out at your next event. Plus, they are easy to set up and transport to various events your company may attend!

Tired of struggling with metal poles and tresses? Work with Inflatable Design Group to create inflatable tents and pavilions that show off your brand and are easy to set up. Utilize your inflatable tents and pavilions indoor or outdoor at your next event, including:

  • Promotional tours
  • Event Information Booths
  • Music festivals
  • Educational Expos
  • Recruitment Events
  • Marathons
  • Beach Festivals
  • Movie or TV Show Screenings
  • And More!

Grab People’s Attention with Custom Inflatable Tents and Pavilions

Your custom inflatable tent or pavilion will tower over the crowd at your next event and attract lots of attention, bringing people to your company booth. They can be used indoors at tradeshows or outdoor on hot summer days to protect from the heat.

Use your inflatable tent or pavilion to sell merchandise, give more information about your brand, provide eventgoers with a fun place to hang out, educate, or more! Inflatable tents and pavilions are versatile and can be used for any event! Plus, they are extremely easy to set up, take down, store, and transport to different events.

In addition to being easy to use, IDG’s inflatable tents and pavilions are 100% customizable! We can match any company colors and digitally print or airbrush any logo or design directly onto your custom inflatable. IDG’s talented team can also make your inflatable tent or pavilion any shape you want! Whether that is circular, square, or a custom shape that is associated with your brand, we can do it all! Want your booth to be 10 feet wide or 50 feet wide? You get to pick when you work with IDG!

Inflatable Structures are Versatile

All IDG’s custom inflatables are made with the highest-quality, most durable materials in the industry. This means that your inflatable structure, such as a tent or pavilion, will last for up to 10 years with proper care and cleaning, making them a great investment.

Use your tent or pavilion for different uses at various events such as:

  • Tradeshow Booth
  • Information Booth
  • Merchandise Store
  • Educational Exhibit
  • Check-In Booth
  • Screening Room
  • And more!

Whatever you decide to use your inflatable tent or pavilion for, it is sure to build your brand awareness and attract people to your booth!

Ready to get started on your inflatable tent or pavilion? Email our team at to get a free quote!