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Inflatable Tunnels and Helmets

Work with Inflatable Design Group to create inflatable tunnels and inflatable helmets for your next event.

Custom inflatable tunnels and inflatable helmets can be used at various events such as festivals, sporting events, carnivals, marathons, and so much more. They can even be inflated outside of businesses as a fun way to attract and welcome customers or they can be used throughout a fun run course as a fun obstacle!

Inflatable tunnels and inflatable helmets are easy to set up and take down. They inflate and deflate within minutes and roll up into surprisingly small packages, making them easy to store when not in use or transport to your next event.

Promote Your Brand with Custom Inflatable Tunnels and Inflatable Helmets

Work with IDG to design a custom inflatable tunnel or helmet to promote your brand. IDG can match any company colors and digitally print any logo or design directly onto your custom inflatable entryway. Utilize your inflatable tunnel or helmet at any local community event or even let the local high school use it during their football game to show off your support and brand.

IDG’s inflatable tunnels and inflatable helmets can also be made with removable banners. Removable banners are a great way to change out your inflatable entryway for various events throughout the year. Work with your sales representative to equip your custom inflatable with removable banners that are easy to change!

100% Customizable

IDG strives to exceed your expectations when it comes to your finalized inflatable entryway. We can make your inflatable helmet or tunnel be any size, any shape, and any color. Use your inflatable tunnel or helmet at community events throughout the year.

Want to make a statement? Order an inflatable tunnel and helmet combo! IDG makes their inflatable tunnels and inflatable helmets as two separate units, but they are easy to connect for an even more impressive inflatable entryway.

IDG has made inflatable tunnels and helmets for teams in the NFL to small family-owned businesses. Our team will help you design an eye-catching inflatable tunnel or helmet that fits within your budget. Visit our sports website at to view more examples of our inflatable tunnels, inflatable helmets, and other custom inflatable entryways.

We make custom inflatable mascot tunnels too!  Check them out here.

Ready to get started? Email our team at to get a free quote.