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ALDO Pillow Walk Pop-Up Inflatable Activation

ALDO, the renowned Canadian-founded footwear retailer, has ventured into the bustling streets of New York City with its first-ever immersive consumer pop-up event, celebrating the brand’s revolutionary “Pillow Walk” comfort footwear technology.  The immersive consumer pop-up event all takes place in a bespoke inflatable activation designed by Brodey Francis, Inc. and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.



ALDO unveiled its innovative Pillow Walk technology in 2022.  It is strategically designed to offer consumers enhanced comfort in areas such as the heels and balls of the feet.  The result are shoes that are comfortable right out of the box, eliminating the need for the traditional “breaking-in” period.

To reintroduce and highlight their Pillow Walk comfort technology, ALDO decided to host their first consumer pop-up event.  This unique one-day inflatable activation took over Astor Place Square in New York City on September 6th.

“Our Pillow Walk styles are more than just visually stunning and trendy – what makes them unique is that not only are they style-first, but they’re comfortable, so what better way for consumers to experience that for themselves than in-person.” – Amanda Amar, Senior Director of Global Social Media and Public Relations for ALDO

Recognizing the sensory nature of Pillow Walk technology, ALDO aimed to immerse their consumers in the experience, allowing them to touch, feel, and fully comprehend the benefits of Pillow Walk.  This is where Inflatable Design Group came in.

Inflatable Design Group collaborated and conceptualized with experience agency Brodey Francis, Inc. to design a bespoke inflatable structure and an inflatable ALDO logo specifically for the ALDO Pillow Walk activation site.  The inflatable structure itself measures an impressive 25 feet in length, 10 feet in depth, and stands 10 feet tall whereas the inflatable logo was 7 feet tall.

In planning the pop-up inflatable activation, ALDO took note of the growing consumer trend in wanting engaging sensory experiences with brands.  In response, ALDO aimed not only to establish a unique connection with their consumers but also to educate them about the Pillow Walk technology in a memorable way.

Inflatable Design Group collaborated closely with the Brodey Francis team to design an inflatable structure that aligned with Aldo’s activation objectives.  The inflatable activation featured removable ALDO banners, customized compartments for iPads showcasing informational videos, and transparent windows for displaying shoes.

The flexibility of the inflatable design allowed for easy assembly, disassembly, storage, and transportation.  During the New York City activation, ALDO utilized foam flooring to simulate the Pillow Walk technology and multiple iPads were strategically placed to highlight the campaign’s new collection, allowing consumers to interact with and understand the products featuring Pillow Walk technology.

The ALDO Pillow Walk pop-up activation was a one-day extravaganza that unfolded on September 6th, running from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. at Astor Place Square in NYC.  Throughout the day, curious consumers and passersby flocked to the activation site to discover more about ALDO and its groundbreaking Pillow Walk technology.  Many captured moments in front of the inflatable activation and the towering 7-foot inflatable ALDO logo, sharing these experiences on social media, amplifying ALDO’s online presence, and marking the pop-up as a resounding success.

ALDO’s Pillow Walk bespoke inflatable activation serves as a prime example of Inflatable Design Group’s collaborative work with brands and agencies to bring their marketing visions to life through custom inflatables and unique inflatable activations.

If you have a creative concept and are ready to start your own bespoke inflatable activation, reach out to our team at for a free quote.  Our experienced sales representatives will help you turn your vision into a reality.