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Custom Fortnite Inflatables

Fortnite is a popular multiplayer online video game owned by Epic Games.  Inflatable Design Group has helped bring multiple flagship symbols off the video game screen and into real life with custom inflatable replicas.

Custom Fortnite Inflatables

IDG has worked with Fortnite and Epic Games on multiple occasions to create custom inflatable replicas of items from the popular video game.  These custom inflatable replicas have been used for various events such as an E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) Fortnite afterparty and a pop-up taco shop in Los Angeles.

Fortnite “Summer Block Party” After E3

E3 is a trade event for the video game industry that takes place annually in Los Angeles, California.  Epic Games threw a Fortnite-themed after-party at the iconic LA landmark, The Forum, after E3 2019.  At this event, Fortnite fans were able to visit three of the restaurants from the game: Durr Burger, Pizza Pete’s, and Sofdeez Ice Cream Shop.  All of which were easy to recognize thanks to IDG’s custom inflatable Fortnite replicas!

IDG also made an inflatable replica of the Fortnite Battle Bus that was showcased at the event.  The Battle Bus is one of the most well-known symbols in Fortnite as it is how all players enter the game.

Fortnite ‘El Rey’s Taco Tuesday’ Pop-Up

As part of a partnership with basketball star Lebron James, Epic Games launched a fully functional pop-up taco shop.  This pop-up taco shop was only open for three days during July 2021 in downtown Los Angeles.  Those who attended were transported into the virtual world of Fortnite and got to eat free tacos!

IDG created a giant custom inflatable replica of the Fortnite iconic taco that was used to help transport fans into the video game.  The inflatable taco replica was placed on the roof of the pop-up and was a great way to attract people to the limited-time event.

IDG has had the pleasure of creating multiple Fortnite inflatables.  These custom inflatable replicas were a great way to make fans of the video game feel like they were transported into the virtual world.  IDG can make custom inflatable replicas of any video game or cartoon.  Contact our team at to get a free quote.