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David LaChapelle- Custom Inflatables

 David LaChapelle – Custom Inflatables

David LaChapelle is a photographer, music video director, and film director.  IDG has had the pleasure of collaborating with LaChapelle on many of his projects and art exhibits over the years.

You’re In My Head – Smirnoff Midnight Circus, Inflatable Art Sculpture

In 2011 Smirnoff launched a “global tour celebrating unique nightlife experiences in more than 25 cities” worldwide called Smirnoff’s “Midnight Circus”.  David LaChapelle designed an interactive inflatable art sculpture, which IDG then helped bring to life, for this traveling event.  The art sculpture was titled You’re In My Head.  Pictures of the sculpture can be found to the right.  Find out more about the story behind this custom inflatable structure in the Q&A article between LaChapelle and the Bangkok Post.

The custom inflatable art sculpture was double-sided.  It consisted of two faces and eventgoers could walk through it creating a fun experience.

Since this interactive art sculpture was inflatable, it was easy to transport around the world on Smirnoff’s traveling global tour.

Astroworld Album Cover

In 2018, David LaChapelle worked with Travis Scott to create album art for Travis Scott’s Astroworld album.  LaChapelle came up with the concept of a custom inflatable entryway modeled after Scott’s head as the main centerpiece of the artwork.  IDG helped bring the vision to life and LaChapelle then used it as the center of the album cover.

Other LaChapelle Work

IDG has also worked with LaChapelle on some of his photography and ad campaigns.  Our innovative team created a giant inflatable hamburger for LaChapelle’s work “Death by a Hamburger” and a giant inflatable rainbow tank for Diesel’s ad campaign “Make Love not Walls”.

Our talented team specializes in custom inflatables and can turn virtually any design into an amazing custom inflatable.  Contact us today at to get started!

IDG has worked with many artists to help bring their vision to life with custom inflatables.  More examples of inflatable art installations can be found on our website.

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