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Elephant Thoughts – Educational Animal Inflatables

Elephant Thoughts is a Canada-based charity that focuses on “positive change through education and opportunity both in Canada and abroad”.  Inflatable Design Group helped create multiple larger-than-life interactive animal inflatables for their Zoo Guts educational exhibit.

“Zoo Guts is all about exploring species at risk – from the inside out.  It’s completely hands-on and totally unique” – Elephant Thoughts

For this unique interactive educational exhibit, Inflatable Design Group made larger-than-life replicas of 5 endangered species: Banff Snail, Polar Bear, Harlequin Duck, Coho Salmon, and Leatherback Turtle.  Zoo Guts allows students to step inside the body of each of these animals and learn about their inner workings.

Each inflatable animal can fit about 10 to 15 students at a time.  Each educational inflatable comes with a guide that helps students learn about and assemble the endangered animal’s circulatory, nervous, muscular, respiratory, skeletal, and digestive systems.  Each animal has removable inflatable organs for students for a fun hands-on educational experience.  Some of these organs include the heart, brain, intestines, and more.

This inflatable educational exhibit travels around the country to educate students about these endangered species and how we can help save them.  Inflatable educational exhibits are a great way to educate people of all ages about animals and more!  They provide a fully immersive experience and can be used at various events over the years.  To learn more about how inflatables can be used for education, visit our library of educational inflatables.

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