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Forbidden Kingdom

Inflatable Design Group worked with Insomniac and the team behind the Forbidden Kingdom music festival to create a giant inflatable dragon stage prop.  This stage prop peered over the main stage at eventgoers and was equipped with a smoke machine and LED lights.  


Forbidden Kingdom is a unique dubstep music festival that takes place in Florida.  This music festival is unique in that it has an elaborate back story that centers around an epic fantasy.  The story is written by Joshua Dean Perry and was written specifically for the festival.  You can read the full mythical story on the Forbidden Kingdom website here.

Festival-goers are transported into the magical world of the Forbidden Kingdom when they attend the music festival, providing a fully immersive experience.


At the center of the story behind the Forbidden Kingdom festival is a powerful dragon.  According to the Forbidden Kingdom website, the dragon is the kingdom’s oldest and most powerful inhabitant.  To fully immerse festival-goers into the world of the Forbidden Kingdom, festival curators wanted to bring the dragon off the page and into the real world.

IDG worked with the Forbidden Kingdom team to create a giant, custom inflatable dragon.  The inflatable dragon resembled that from the festival’s backstory and was equipped with a smoke machine and lights.  This dragon served as the centerpiece for the festival’s main stage.  It peered over the stage at festival-goers.


The custom inflatable dragon was back in action at the 2nd Forbidden Kingdom festival that took place in 2021.  This time, however, the giant inflatable was not at the center of the festival but was utilized as a prime photo opportunity for festival attendees.

Inflatable Design Group has created inflatable stages and stage props for various festivals and concerts.  Inflatables make the perfect stage prop since they are easy to set up and store.  They are also cheaper than most alternative materials to transport since they are lighter.  Custom inflatables can be used in various ways to enhance events, they can even be synced up to a timer allowing them to inflate or deflate at a specific time during a performance.

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