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Ghost Democracy Inflatable Costume

Inflatable Design Group worked with the Ghost Democracy Skincare team to bring the face of their brand, Ghost, to life in the form of a giant inflatable costume.  The costume was customized with the company logo on the back and made to fit an average size person.

The debut of the ‘Ghost’ inflatable costume took place during the Ghost Democracy Skincare Pop-Up Launch.  This event took place in October 2019 at a mall in Los Angeles.  The event was a perfect way for the new brand to allow their target market to sample -their line of skin care products and build brand awareness.  By incorporating the custom inflatable ‘Ghost’ costume, attendees were able to put a friendly face to the Ghost Democracy Skincare name, build a personal connection with the brand, and take unique photos with the inflatable Ghost that were posted across social media.

Overall, the pop-up launch and the custom inflatable costume were a success!

“The inflatable was a hit and continues to help drive traffic into our stores by being so disruptive and noticeable!” – Rex Chou, Founder and General Manager of Ghost Democracy

Ghost Democracy Inflatable Costume Continues to Thrive on Social Media

Following the skincare line launch, the inflatable ‘Ghost’ costume has continued to be the face of the skincare brand by being featured in many posts on the Ghost Democracy Instagram and TikTok pages.  The brand even did a featured story where they followed ‘Ghost’ around for a day, showcasing what it’s like to work at Ghost Democracy.

By continuing to use the custom inflatable costume since the brand launched in 2019, Ghost Democracy has been able to successfully put a face to the brand and establish personal connections with the brand’s target market.

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Inflatable Design Group can bring virtually any design or vision to life in the form of custom inflatables.  We have worked with brands and businesses of all sizes with all different budgets to create custom inflatable costumes, character replicas, and more that have been used to increase business.  Our team has even created a custom inflatable costume for Alice Cooper that was used on stage during one of their concerts.

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