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Insomniac House & Façade

Inflatable Design Group worked with Insomniac to make a custom inflatable tent and inflatable façade that would be used to sell merchandise at their various events and festivals.

All in action pictures below courtesy of Insomniac Events.

Insomniac Inflatable House & Inflatable Façade

The Insomniac House Brand is the newest division of Insomniac Events.  The Insomniac House Brand is the music event company’s new apparel line, it made its debut with a unique popup installation at EDC Las Vegas 2022.  Eventgoers were welcomed into the apparel pop-up with a custom inflatable façade made by Inflatable Design Group’s innovative team.

This custom inflatable façade is over 15 feet tall, 25 feet wide, and 8 feet deep.  It was the perfect entranceway to the all-glass building that housed the rest of the unique Insomniac merchandise pop-up experience.

Custom Inflatable Insomniac Tent

The custom inflatable Insomniac tent measures at over 15 feet tall, 20 feet wide, and 20 feet deep.  It is a unique and the perfect location to sell merchandise at upcoming Insomniac events and will be used in a similar manner as the custom inflatable insomniac façade.

Inflatable tents and façades manufactured by Inflatable Design Group are made with the highest-quality materials so that they will last for up to 10 years, with proper care and cleaning.  Inflatable Design Group has made custom inflatable tents and façades of all different shapes, styles, and dimensions.  You can view more examples of these custom inflatables on our website.

In addition to the custom inflatable tent and façade, IDG has made multiple other custom inflatables for Insomniac including custom inflatable stage props for the company’s various festivals and events that take place around the world.

Other custom inflatables we have worked on with Insomniac include:

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