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Karol G Custom Concert Inflatables

Inflatable Design Group has created multiple custom concert inflatables for Karol G.

Karol G is a Colombian singer and songwriter. She has received several awards and nominations including MTV Europe Music Award, American Music Award, Latin Grammy Award, Billboard Music Award, and more. IDG has had the pleasure of creating multiple custom concert inflatables for the singer that have been used during her performances and tours.

$trip Love Tour

In 2022 Karol G went on a concert tour that took her to 30 cities in North America. The tour was titled $trip Love and was named the ‘Highest Grossing US Tour by a Female Latin Act’ in history by Billboard. IDG created two custom concert inflatables for this tour, a giant inflatable moon, and an inflatable barbed wire heart.

The inflatable moon IDG made for Karol G’s $trip Love tour was 14 feet in diameter. The art was airbrushed on by our talented in-house artist and an internal light illuminated the moon. During the singer’s performance, the custom inflatable moon descended from the ceiling and floated toward the stage, and hovered above the singer/songwriter. See the custom inflatable moon in action on YouTube.  

IDG also made a giant inflatable barbed wire heart for Karol G’s $trip Love Tour. Just like the inflatable moon, the art on the inflatable barbed wire heart was airbrushed on by our artist. Karol G started her concert by performing on a platform that was installed in the middle of the inflatable barbed wire heart and floating into her show. The inflatable heart was designed after Karol G’s tattoo on her arm.

2022 Latin Grammy Performance

In 2022, Karol G was nominated for 3 Grammys at the 2022 Latin Grammy Awards. She also performed multiple songs, including her new song “Cairo” during the award show.

Inflatable Design Group had the pleasure of working with Karol G again to create custom inflatable obelisks that were used as part of her stage set during her “Cairo” performance. The four inflatable obelisks created by IDG were digitally printed and covered in hieroglyphics. Two of them were 22′ tall while the other two were 26′ tall.  

During award shows, performers are given a very short time to set up, transition, and take down their stage sets. The inflatable obelisks were light enough to set up, packed up into small packages, and inflate within seconds.  

2023 Puerto Rico Performaces 

In early March 2023, Karol G performed in Puerto Rico. IDG again had the pleasure of working with the extremely talented Columbian singer/songwriter to create custom inflatables used as stage props and stage sets during her performance.  

One of the inflatable props we made was a 20-foot-tall inflatable heart with a knife in it. The other inflatables were three custom inflatable cartoonish flower walls that were 16 feet long and 6 feet tall. 

All custom concert inflatables were part of Karol G’s Puerto Rico set.

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