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Life in Color – Custom Inflatable Stage Set

Life in Color – Custom Inflatable Stage Set

Life in Color was an EDM event company that hosted the Life in Color Music Festival, which was advertised as the “world’s largest paint party”.  The festival took place annually from 2011 to 2017 and included performances from some of the biggest names in the EDM industry.  Each year the festival had a different theme and traveled to multiple locations, sometimes internationally.

The 2016 Life in Color festival theme was Kingdom and it toured around the world, visiting over 30 cities in various countries such as the United States, Turkey, and Israel.  The team behind the Life in Color 2016 festival contacted IDG to help bring their Kingdom theme to life.

Custom Inflatable Lion Stage Set

IDG worked with the Life in Color team to bring turn their vision into a reality with a giant custom inflatable that resembled the festival’s flagship icon, a lion.  From start to finish the custom inflatable project took 8 weeks.  The result was two custom inflatable geometric lions that would be used as the centerpiece of the main stages.  The smaller lion was to be used at venues that were smaller or indoor.  The larger lion (56’x43’) was used at the festival’s biggest venues.

Both lions were made so that they could store LED video panels in their eyes and around their mane.  This allowed the lions to come to life with special effects and moving eyes, enhancing the festival experience.  You can read more about the Life in Color custom inflatable lion in our case study on the project.

Traveling with Custom Inflatables

Since the Life in Color festival would be touring around the world and taking place in various places, the stage had to be easy to set up and transport.  Custom inflatables make great stage sets and props since they are lighter than traditional materials, making them easy and cheap to transport around the world.  They are also easy to set up, take down, and store.

Custom inflatables can be used in various ways to enhance music festivals and other events.  They can be synced up to timers, allowing them to inflate or deflate at a specific time during a performance, or, like the Life in Color inflatable, they can be equipped with special effects such as lights or smoke.

IDG specializes in custom inflatables.  Contact us today to start designing your own custom inflatable.

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