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Morty Slide

Morty Slide Custom Inflatable

Rick & Morty is a popular adult cartoon on Adult Swim.  IDG worked with Adult Swim to bring the show to life and create a giant, 3 lane custom inflatable slide featuring the show’s title character Morty.

This giant slide made an appearance at Adult Swim Fest 2019.  It was huge and towered over the crowd.

Fans of the show and cable network had a great time going down the slide and taking pictures with the giant custom interactive inflatable.  The inflatable slide was unique and allowed fans to connect with the tv character Morty on a more personal level.

IDG has also designed and manufactured custom inflatable slides for various sports teams and celebrities, including Khloe Kardashian.  Our innovative team can turn virtually anything into an inflatable slide or any other type of custom inflatable.

IDG specializes in custom inflatables.  Contact us today to start customizing your own inflatable.

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