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Spiral: Book of Saw – Inflatable Character Replica

Inflatable Design Group worked with Lionsgate to create a 25-foot tall custom inflatable character replica to promote their new movie Spiral: Book of Saw.  This giant custom inflatable replica was displayed on top of a clothing store in downtown Los Angeles during the weekend of the movie premiere.   


Watch a video of the custom inflatable character replica in action here.

Spiral – Inflatable Movie Character Replica

Spiral: From the Book of Saw, the newest movie of the popular Saw franchise, premiered in early May 2021.  Taking the place of the legendary Billy the Puppet from previous franchise movies is an anthropomorphic pig that is referred to by the film crew as ‘Mr. Snuggles’.

To promote the premiere of the new film and introduce the world to the new demonic puppet, Lionsgate worked with IDG to bring ‘Mr. Snuggles’ to life in the form of a 25-foot inflatable character replica.

This custom inflatable character replica was displayed on the roof of Diamond Supply Co. in Los Angeles the weekend of the movie premiere.  It could be seen for miles and towered over spectators on the street.  Among those spectators was Darren Bousman, the movie director of Spiral. 

The custom inflatable character replica was rigged with blue, white, and red lights that shined onto the inflatable at night.

Inflatable Character Replicas

Inflatable character replicas take movie and tv show characters off the screen and into reality.  They help create a more personal relationship with fans and viewers.  IDG has experience replicating characters from video games, movies, tv shows, and more.  Check out more examples of our inflatable character replicas here.

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