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Stormi is the daughter of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.  For her annual StormiWorld party, IDG created many custom inflatables including a giant inflatable head entryway, an inflatable slide with the child’s face on it, and more.


Stormi is the oldest child of Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott.  For her 1st birthday, Jenner threw her daughter a lavish birthday party modeled after a theme park.  The name of the party was StormiWorld, similar to her father’s most recent album Astroworld.  It has become an annual event, returning for the toddler’s 2nd and 3rd birthday.

StormiWorld 2019

The first StormiWorld was held in 2019 for Stormi’s 1st birthday.   Kylie Jenner said she drew the party on paper and had an LA-based event planner bring her vision to life.  The party had different themed rooms such as Bubble Room and a room filled with carnival rides.

Party guests entered the party through a giant custom inflatable entryway of Stormi’s head designed and manufactured by IDG.  This custom entryway is modeled after the custom inflatable IDG designed for Stormi’s father, Travis Scott’s, album Astroworld.

StormiWorld 2020: 2 is Better Than 1

Stormi’s 2nd birthday party, the 2nd annual StormiWorld, was bigger than the year before.  The theme was “2 is better than 1”.  This year the party included Trolls World and Frozen World.  The party was so intricate partygoers were given a map to find their way around.

IDG created many custom inflatables for the 2nd annual Stormiworld event.  Just like the year before, guests entered the regal birthday party through a custom inflatable entryway of Stormi’s head which was redesigned and updated to look like the now 2-year-old.  The other custom inflatables IDG designed for StormiWorld 2020 included:

  • A smaller version of Stormi’s head was placed on top of a roller coaster
  • A giant inflatable slide with Stormi’s head at the top
  • And a custom inflatable castle bounce house that was added to Frozen World

StormiWorld 2021

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, StormiWorld 2021 was not as lavish as past years.  It included a smaller guest list and was located at Jenner’s house.  However, the toddler’s birthday was still over the top and IDG’s custom inflatable slide with her face on it was in action!

IDG has also created custom inflatables for Stormi’s father Travis Scott and Stormi’s aunt Khloe Kardashian.

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