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The Monster

The Monster is a giant custom inflatable with a maze inside.  Participants will enter The Monster through it’s mouth, weave through the dark inflatable maze inside, and exit through the custom inflatable’s tail.

As you can tell from the photos, The Monster giant custom inflatable is a show-stopping and attention-grabbing attraction.  It has been reported by past clients that The Monster has increased event attendance by at least 20% simply because of how big it is.  If you place The Monster by a road or high-traffic area it is sure to attract curious passersby.

This huge inflatable is unique in that inside The Monster is an interactive inflatable maze.  Participants will have a great time entering The Monster through its mouth, weaving through its body, and exiting through the inflatable tail.  Emergency exits are located throughout the maze in case of an emergency.

The Monster custom inflatable is about 150 feet long, 35 feet wide, and 25 feet high.  This giant custom inflatable provides guests with an entertaining one-of-a-kind experience and makes a perfect haunted house attraction at fall pumpkin patches or other events all year long.

The Monster is made up of multiple inflatable sections that attach with high-quality Velcro to create one giant inflatable maze.  Although The Monster is big, it is easy to set up and rolls up into surprisingly small packages for easy storage.  This makes it perfect to use at events year after year.  Additional elements such as lasers and smoke machines can be added to enhance the haunted maze custom inflatable.

Inflatable Design Group has also created haunted mazes in the shape of a sleeping giant and a dinosaur.  Ask our team for more information or about designing your own custom-shaped inflatable maze.

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