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Travis Scott – Custom Inflatables

Travis Scott – Custom Inflatables

From Astroworld to Cacti, Inflatable Design Group has worked with rapper Travis Scott to create custom inflatables for many of his projects.


IDG has worked with rapper Travis Scott on many projects, including the iconic inflatable head on his  Astroworld album cover.

This inflatable head not only served as the centerpiece of the album art but also as a pop-up activation to promote the album before it was released.  Travis Scott’s custom inflatable head could be seen in multiple locations around the world and was used during some of his performances.

Inflatable Stage Props

In addition to the Astroworld cover, the giant inflatable head was utilized on stage during Travis Scott’s Astroworld tour and VMA performance.

Also featured on stage during the Astroworld tour was a giant inflatable astronaut.  This custom inflatable astronaut was seen wearing Air Jordans (the rapper has a collaboration with the company), was 29-feet-tall and had moving arms.

IDG’s custom inflatables created for Travis Scott were also seen at Rolling Loud 2019.  A giant inflatable replica of the rapper’s Air Jordan shoe was displayed at the festival grounds and an inflatable teddy bear was inflated on the stage during the rapper’s performance.  The teddy bear’s foot had Travis Scott’s name written on its foot.

Cacti Inflatable Logo

IDG’s most recent work with Travis Scott was for the drop of his new agave spiked seltzer, Cacti, in 2021.

Our team created giant inflatable replicas of the drink’s logo & cans that were utilized at a promotional event in downtown LA.

IDG also worked with Travis Scott and girlfriend Kylie Jenner to create custom inflatables for their daughter’s birthday, StormiWorld, and a custom inflatable slide for Khloe Kardashian.

Our talented team specializes in custom inflatables and can turn virtually any design into an entertainment industry inflatable.  Contact us today to start designing your own inflatable.

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