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Custom Inflatable Shapes

Inflatable Design Group is known for our high-quality custom inflatables.  Our team of skilled craftsmen has over 30 years of experience in the industry and a keen eye for detail.  We have made custom inflatables in all different shapes used across many industries such as entertainment, retail, education, and more!

Need any ideas on your custom inflatable?  Click on the categories below to see some inspiration!  

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Our team has worked with small local businesses and large corporate industries, such as Disney, to create amazing custom inflatables.  We are one of the only custom inflatable companies that use airbrushing to add finishing artistic touches to our inflatables.  This allows our creative team to provide realistic features to any inflatable, whether it be an inflatable product replica or a realistic inflatable face! 

Inflatable Custom Shapes: Giant custom inflatables are what we are known for.  Our innovative team of craftspeople loves a good challenge, and we love bringing crazy ideas to life!  Contact our team to get a free quote!

Educational Inflatables: Custom educational inflatables are a creative and immersive way to educate people of all ages.  IDG has created medical education inflatables to help educate about disease prevention and awareness.  We have also created interactive educational inflatable animals to help educate about extinct or endangered animals. 

Military Inflatables: Bring attention to your military branch with custom military inflatables.  Work with IDG’s team to create inflatable advertising shapes, tunnels, games, and more!  These custom inflatables are a great way to stand out at your next recruiting event!

Entertainment Industry Inflatables: IDG’s team has worked with companies from all aspects of the entertainment industry to make high-quality custom inflatables.  These custom inflatables have been used for movie and tv premieres, video game expos, concert tour stage props, and more! 

Inflatable Art Installations: Breathe some air into your art with inflatable art installations!  Custom inflatable art is easy to transport and is more durable than most material traditionally used in art.  Work with our team to bring your artistic ideas to life with custom inflatables!