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Giant Inflatable Couches & Chairs

Sit back and relax in a giant inflatable couch or inflatable chair! Customize your inflatable couch or chair with your brand or team logo.

People of all ages love Inflatable Design Group’s inflatable chairs and couches. Our inflatable couches and chairs are the best seat in the house and perfect for showing off your brand, whether you are a company, sports team, or school!

Work with IDG’s team to customize your inflatable couch or inflatable chair. We can match any colors and digitally print any design directly onto your custom inflatable. Custom inflatable chairs and couches are a great way to show off your brand and provide eventgoers with a unique photo opportunity. As you can see from the photos above, our inflatable chairs and couches are durable enough to carry the weight of many people sitting on it at once making them a fun photo opportunity!

In addition to showing off your brand, inflatable couches and chairs can be used to bring attention to your event sponsors. Digitally print your event sponsors logo directly onto your inflatable or get their logos printed on removable banners. Removable banners are a great way to allow versability into your inflatable couch or chair. They can easily be switched out for various events or if your event sponsors ever change.

Our standard dimensions for an inflatable couch are 6.5’ x 8.5’ x 6.5 and the standard dimensions for an inflatable chair are 8.5’ x 8’ x 8.5’. However, IDG can create a custom inflatable couch or inflatable chair in any shape and dimensions you desire. For example, we made a custom inflatable chair that looked like a bird’s nest for StateFarm! Contact our team at to get started on your custom interactive inflatable.

Questions on the inflatable manufacturing process or our lead time? Check out our FAQ page or call our office at 619-596-6100.