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bespoke halloween inflatables

Ghoulishly Great Bespoke Halloween Inflatables that Cast a Spell

Cast a spell this spooky season with ghoulishly great bespoke Halloween inflatables designed and manufactured by Inflatable Design Group.

Inflatable Design Group is known for our ability to bring to life virtually any inflatable creation!  We have worked with many clients to create different bespoke Halloween inflatables that have been used at their family-owned pumpkin patches, community Halloween festivals, and more!  These inflatables have included Halloween-themed entryways, spooky event decorations, and even inflatable haunted houses!

Bespoke Halloween Inflatable Entryways

As mentioned before, Inflatable Design Group can bring virtually any inflatable concept to life.  We have worked with clients from all over the world to create amazing bespoke Halloween inflatable entryways.  These entryways have included a giant custom inflatable jack-o-lantern entryway and mascot entryways including a pirate, clown, and scary skull.

Bespoke Inflatable Halloween Entryways
Bespoke Inflatable Halloween Entryways

These inflatable entryways have been used for different Halloween events and pop-ups.  The inflatable pirate entryway was used at a Halloween costume store’s grand opening event and served as a great photo background for the store’s staff.  The inflatable jack-o-lantern entryway is used annually at a family-owned pumpkin patch.  It is large enough that it can be seen from far away, grabbing the attention of people passing by and attracting them to the pumpkin patch. 

Giant Inflatable Jack-O-Lantern Entryway at Pumpkin Patch
Giant Inflatable Jack-O-Lantern Entryway at Pumpkin Patch

Inflatable Halloween Experiences

One of our most popular and most impressive bespoke Halloween inflatables is our giant inflatable haunted houses.  Our inflatable haunted house, titled ‘The Monster’ is shaped like a giant inflatable green monster! 

The Monster Inflatable: Haunted House
The Monster Inflatable: Haunted House

Participants will enter through the mouth of the monster, weave around inflatable organs and obstacles, and exit from the rear of the monster by it’s tail.  This bespoke inflatable Halloween experience measures to over 150 feet long, 30 feet wide, and 20 feet high.  It is visible from far away and a great way to attract people to your pumpkin patch or other fall festival

Learn more about the custom inflatable haunted house on our website.  We have also made inflatable haunted houses shaped like a sleeping giant! 

Decorative Bespoke Halloween Inflatables

Another great use of bespoke inflatables for Halloween are using them as decorations.  From mythical creatures to larger-than-life bugs, with inflatables anything is possible!  We have worked with clients to bring giant dragons to life and have created giant inflatable spiders that haunted the side of a roller coaster. 

Giant Inflatable Spiders on Roller Coaster at 6 Flags and Inflatable Dragon at Music Festival
Giant Inflatable Spiders on Roller Coaster at 6 Flags and Inflatable Dragon at Music Festival

Inflatable Design Group can work with you to bring anything to life in the form of bespoke Halloween inflatables.  All of our inflatables are made with the highest materials available in the industry so your inflatables are sure to last for years and can be used at your Halloween events annually! 

Order Your Bespoke Halloween Inflatables Today

Work with Inflatable Design Group to bring all of your ideas to life with bespoke Halloween inflatables!  Email us at to get a free quote.  One of our experienced sales representatives will get back to you as soon as possible and walk you through the entire customization and ordering process. 

Please note that our lead time is around 8 weeks so ordering as soon as possible is essential if you want to get your inflatables in time for Halloween.