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Crazy cool custom inflatable promotional products

Crazy, Cool and Custom Inflatable Promotional Items

The Creative Process for Inflatable Promotional Items

Creating custom inflatable promotional items is a unique and exciting process. Our inflatables are cold air inflatables. This means that each inflatable is sewn using state-of-the-art sewing machines and requires a constant flow of cold air to stay inflated.  This airflow comes from our high-quality motors that bring your inflatable to life! We never stock inflatables as we are a custom inflatable manufacturer.  All of our inflatables are made to order and custom-created to match our client’s specifications. Our individually tailored inflatables make them the perfect addition for any business, team, or event because they can display logos, mascots, custom colors and so much more! We produce the highest quality inflatables so, you will love the finished product! 


Creating the Perfect Inflatable Promotional Items

We love when we get the chance to work with a new crazy and fun idea! Custom inflatables open the door for endless possibilities. We have made an inflatable for just about everything; from animals, chainsaws, suitcases, medicine, and many more! Our product replicas mimic your product exactly and will have everyone doing a double-take. Inflatable sports entry tunnels will bring your mascot to life and intimidate any opponent. Transform events into extraordinary spectacles with custom inflatables. Since our extensive experience in the industry makes us the best at what we do, our clients receive the best inflatables. We will bring the fun to any inflatable we create from any color, shape, or size! So, let us turn your imagination into reality with custom inflatable promotional items from Inflatable Design Group. Call now to start your inflatable journey and transform your business and events. 

kung fu panda custom inflatable replica for movie premiere promotion
Kung-Fu-Panda Custom Inflatable for Movie Premiere Promotion

Ready to get started on your custom inflatable promotional items? Contact our team today at! Want to see more examples of advertising inflatables? Click here.